About Us

Fair Deal Gaadi is a finance service limited established to provide easy loans to pre-owned cars (or used cars or second hand cars) with minimal documentation and hassle free processing.

Most of the people face difficulties getting loans for pre owned (or used) cars. Getting loan for such used cars is always believed to be tricky, as it involves huge list of documentation and other processing’s. With arrival of Fair Deal Gaadi, worrying days about loans are gone. Now fulfill your dream of owning your favorite car and enjoy joy ride with Fair Deal Gaadi. Avail your own customized loans for different car brands and most importantly at attractive interest rates.

Why Choose Fair Deal Gaadi

We provide what’s best for you , below are few amazing features which make us stand out of crowd, like

  • Easy and quick loans with transparent loan procedures and repayment processes.
  • No huge list of documents and paper work, just few minimal documents along with your application.
  • Enjoy maximum percentage of loan at comparatively low interest rates
  • Quick disbursement of loans
  • Enjoy flexible repayment option
  • Loan option is available for all car brands.
Tata Hexa XT side left view