Buying a car is a crucial decision and one needs to think thoroughly before opting for the most suitable car. After all, you will be judged by the type, model and brand of the car you buy. Most of all, your financial status gets greatly impacted by the car you buy, as it involves a huge investment. Hence make smart financial decisions before purchasing a car.

Before purchasing a car, one need to assess their needs and requirements to buy the most suitable one among the array of available options. Below are a few queries which assist you in deciding what you actually need

  • Why do you need a car?
  • Do you need a small car or a big car?
  • Which type of fuel will be best for you in terms of savings?
  • Which fuel ensures your car remains in a good condition in the long run?

Car purchasing feasibility- CNG Vs Petrol Vs Diesel

Your usage of the car plays an important role while deciding

  • Not so frequent or Less driven cars- If you do not travel much or if your car runs less than 500 Kms in a month, then you can go for a petrol car without having a second thought.
  • Average driving- If your car runs between 800 – 1000 Kms in a month, then it is recommended to go for CNG cars, as they seem to be a more economical option.
  • Moderate or above average driving- If your car runs between 1200 – 1400 Kms in a month, then again CNG seems to be the better option.
  • High running cars- If your car runs more than 2000 Kms per month, then go for a diesel car which saves a lot of money on fuel and other maintenance costs.

When it comes to the fuel rates, CNG is cheaper when compared to petrol and diesel. Coming to the prices of cars, diesel cars are more expensive when compared to petrol cars, hence one should also consider these factors before selecting a car.

Let us in detail discuss about some pros and cons of the above i.e. CNG, Petrol and Diesel cars.

Pros and Cons: CNG Vs Petrol Vs Diesel

Pros and Cons CNG Petrol Diesel
Running cost CNG has the lowest running cost when compared to Petrol and Diesel Has low running cost when compared to Petrol Running cost is a little higher due to the high fuel prices
Environment Go Green Gas good for our environment Has long- term running when compared to the other two, but is not so environmental friendly. Has higher NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Has lowest NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)


Long term reliability, can run on both CNG and petrol. Maintenance and spare parts are expensive when compared to other Low maintenance as no other separate gas kit is necessary.
Pick up Low pick up Stronger pick up as the fuel combustion is fast Petrol engines give more horsepower, hence has more pick up and attain a higher top speed
Upfront payment Has an extra cost as it needs extra CNG kit Upfront payment is expensive Upfront payment is less compared to diesel

Hope the above- mentioned points made it clear to which fuel type car is suitable for you and you should opt.

CNG Vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which is the better option?

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