When you sell your car, it is particularly important and mandatory to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the name of the buyer. As this RC Transfer or ownership transfer ensures that vehicle and all its legal liabilities are transferred to the respective buyer of the vehicle.

Now comes the question, how do you transfer the ownership and what needs to be done for vehicle ownership transfer?

Though it looks hard and burdensome, it’s pretty simple all it takes is an application to the concerned RTO (regional transport office). Yes, you read it right, let us have an in depth look into this topic.

The process of Vehicle ownership transfer or RC transfer

After selling the car/vehicle, one should intimate the RTO and apply for RC transfer or vehicle ownership transfer within 14 days of the sale of the vehicle. You need a set of documents for this ownership transfer, which are mentioned below

  • The original registration certificate or RC (the original RC of the seller should be submitted to the RTO)
  • Form 28 (No Objection Certificate)
  • Form 29 (Notice form to change or transfer ownership of the vehicle)
  • Form 30 (report of transfer of ownership of the vehicle)
  • Address proof and passport size photos
  • Report of NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • PUC (pollution under control) certificate
  • Road tax certificate
  • Transfer fee

All the above mentioned documents and forms should be duly submitted to the RTO for the ownership transfer.

Note: Above Forms and documents required for vehicle transfer differ greatly based on whether the vehicle is transferred in the same state or from one city to other.

How many days does RC transfer take?

Usually, the vehicle ownership transfer or RC transfer takes 21 to 30 days (though few RTO’s claims that it takes only 7 days for the ownership transfers). This duration varies from RTO to RTO.

Can you check your RC transfer status and How?

Checking the status of your vehicle ownership transfer once you sell your vehicle/ car is very crucial because you will still be liable for the vehicle even after selling until the transfer of ownership.

You can know about your vehicle ownership transfer using Vahan Check, by two major sources i.e. Website and by SMS.

You can check the RC transfer status of your vehicle online using Parivahan website by GOI or you can just check your status through SMS. All you need to do is just send SMS Vahan with registered vehicle RC number to 7738299899. 

How is Vehicle Ownership Transfer done and why is it important?

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