When we Plan to buy a car within our budget, several thoughts take a toll on our mind like which car to buy? Which financial option to choose from an array of attractive financing options? And so on…….

Buying a car can be a crucial financial decision and one should consider many factors before purchasing it. One should take smart financial decisions while buying a car as it is relatively a big investment and also to avoid financial conflicts later on.

Tips to make smart financial decisions while buying a car

Before purchasing a car, plan your financial options carefully to avoid ending up in debts. Below are a few financial tips which you need to consider before buying any car.

  • Decide which car to buy?(A new or a pre- owned car)

The very first thing you should decide before buying a car is to choose which car to buy and whether you can afford it or not. Everyone wishes to buy their dream car, but decide whether it fits your budget or not to avoid ending up in financial troubles. Choose wisely, as buying a car is not just a onetime investment, you will have to spend money again for its maintenance also whether it’s a new car or a pre-owned car.

  • Want to take a loan?

These days, easy availability of car finance is making the buyers fuzzy and confused on whether to go for low- interest rates or to go for longer loan duration and so on. If you do not choose wisely, you end up paying more hidden charges like handling charges or other upfront charges and end up realizing that you have miscalculated your finance capability. Fair Deal Gaadi offers easy loan for used cars. Get maximum amount of loan at an attractive rate of interest, easy documentation and hassle free processing.

  • Do some research and pick the right one

Wise buyers always do some research from different lenders and get the best deal. Not just the lowest EMI, but look closely about each and every aspect and try to get the lowest outgoing overall. Fair Deal Gaadi is one place where you can get all range and models of cars starting from Tata, Toyota, Swift to Skoda, BMW, Benz and Audi under one roof.

  • Check for available discounts

Do not neglect to check on the discounts available. Different dealers offer different offers and you should go shop across find about the best deal. Different varieties of cars also have different discounts, hence choose the best on from the available options.

  • Consider additional costs

Buyers are always misled about additional costs like installing fancy upgrades/accessories for your car. Ask your friends and neighbours about dealers who offer fair deals and buy from a trusted vendor. By doing this you can cut down your cost by around 20- 40%. Do not forget to discuss about insurance option. Make sure you get a comprehensive policy with third- party liability cover and personal accidental cover with zero depreciation to avoid extra payments at the time of claim settlement.

Lastly, most of the people get confused between going for a new car or a used car. If talking about a new car, its value depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the showroom, whereas for the preowned cars there is no such thing like depreciation. Now a days, buying a 3-5 years old pre- owned car is becoming viral as you can get a car which is in good condition at a much lower price when compared to that of a new one.

Before choosing any car, think wisely about your financial possibilities after all this is not a simple decision to make in a hurry. Fair deal gaadi offers the best used cars with attractive used car finance.

How to Make Smart Financial Decisions While Buying a Car

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