Know the benefits of buying used cars and taking used car loans @ Fair Deal Gaadi

When we think of buying a car, several options take a stroll in our minds like which color to choose, whether to buy a new car or to go for a used car and so on. Buying a car can make a huge difference in your finances, hence it is very crucial to think well before going for it.

Buying used cars is an excellent option for all those who wish to save money and get maximum value for their purchase. When used cars are coming with a lot of benefits, why to misspend your money on new cars.

Let us in detail discuss few benefits of buying a preowned (used) car over a brand new one

Benefits of buying used cars

  • Lower price and less depreciation– Used cars save us lots of money, as they come at around 50% lower price when compared to new cars. Another biggest advantage of owning a pre-owned car is that there is no risk of depreciation, as someone else (first/previous owner of the car) bears the big initial depreciation.
  • Avoid Taxes and other new car fees– A new car comes with several taxes and other fees, whereas when you buy a used car you can avoid most of them. By buying a pre-owned car you can save your finance and lessen your burden.
  • Certified used cars– Nowadays you can get a used car in a good shape and condition, gone are those days where used cars refer to car body with scratches and in lousy condition. You can buy a quality, thoroughly inspected and certified pre-owned car from the dealers at your feasible prices.
  • Lower Insurance premium– Another notable advantage of buying a used car is that the insurance premiums are low when compared to that of the new one. The value of pre-owned cars depreciates with years passing on. It is very important to buy your used car with no accidental history, as this may reduce your insurance value.
  • Low registration fees- The registration fee of a used car also reduces as time passes. The rate of annual registration is very high for a new car in the first few years of manufacturing and the same reduces significantly later. Hence it is recommended to buy a used car that is 3 or more years old.
  • Warranty- Few used cars also come with an original warranty that you can transfer to your name at the time of purchase. If not, few authorized dealers also provide limited period warranty at the time of sale, all you need to do is buying a used car from such dealers. You can repair your car with quality parts during this time if any problem rises or can even enjoy timely services from trained technicians.

Why choose used car loans at Fair Deal Gaadi

Fair Deal Gaadi is the best choice for taking a loan for a used car. Avail hassle free quick loans for a wide range of car brands starting from Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda and Mercedes Benz to Volvo and so on…. only at Fair Deal Gaadi.

Below are few advantages of taking used car loans at Fair Deal Gaadi

  • Easy and quick processing– With just a few minimal paperwork and documentation, Fair Deal Gaadi makes availing loans for used cars easy and quick.
  • Get maximum at competitive interest rates– Fair Deal Gaadi bestows you with maximum loan amount at competitive interest rates.
  • Flexible tenure option– Fair Deal Gaadi offers freedom to choose tenure as per your convenience. You can enjoy quick disbursement of the loan with flexible repayment option.

What else you require more? Hurry and fulfill your dream of owning your favorite car with Fair Deal Gaadi.


Know the benefits of buying used cars and taking used car loans

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